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MORE FROM FORBESAt the moment’s ‘Connections’ Solutions And Hints For Wednesday, August 23

Comfortable Thursday, gang! The weekend isn’t too distant however we’ve obtained a brand new (and barely sneaky!) Connections conundrum to assist go among the time till then. At the moment’s Connections hints and solutions are coming proper up.

How To Play Connections

In Connections, you’re offered with a grid of 16 phrases. Your activity is to rearrange them into 4 teams of 4 by determining the hyperlinks between them. The teams may very well be issues like horror film franchises, a kind of verb or rappers.


There’s just one resolution for every puzzle, and also you’ll must be cautious in relation to phrases which may match into a couple of class. You may shuffle the phrases to maybe enable you see hyperlinks between them.

Every group is colour coded. The yellow group is the simplest to determine, blue and inexperienced fall within the center, and the purple group is often the toughest one to infer.

Choose 4 phrases you suppose go collectively and press Submit. When you make a guess and also you’re incorrect, you’ll lose a life. When you’re near having an accurate group, you may see a message telling you that you simply’re one phrase away from getting it proper, however you’ll nonetheless want to determine which one to swap.

When you make 4 errors, it’s sport over. Let’s guarantee that doesn’t occur with the assistance of some hints, and, should you’re actually struggling, at this time’s Connections solutions.

Connections Hints For August 24

Scroll slowly! Simply after the hints for every of at this time’s Connections teams, I’ll reveal what they’re with out instantly telling you which of them phrases go into them.

At the moment’s 16 phrases are:

  • PECK
  • X
  • DUDS
  • DODO

And the clues for at this time’s teams are:

  1. Yellow group — they’re not with us
  2. Inexperienced group — maybe field workplace bombs
  3. Blue group — have a look at that drip
  4. Purple — mwah!

Connections Teams For August 24

Want some further assist?

Be warned: we’re beginning to get into spoiler territory.

At the moment’s teams are…

  • Yellow group — extinct animals
  • Inexperienced group — failures
  • Blue group — slang for garments
  • Purple group — kiss

Connections Solutions For August 24

Spoiler alert! Don’t scroll any additional down the web page till you’re prepared to search out out at this time’s Connections solutions.

That is your remaining warning!

At the moment’s connections are…

  • Yellow group — extinct animals (DODO, MAMMOTH, MASTODON, TRILOBITE)
  • Inexperienced group — failures (BUSTS, FLOPS, MISSES, TURKEYS)
  • Blue group — slang for garments (DUDS, GETUP, OUTFIT, THREADS)
  • Purple group — kiss (PECK, SMACK, SMOOCH, X)

Palms up all of you who noticed X, THREADS and MASTODON, and figured there was a bunch of social media providers. Alas, that was a crimson herring. I couldn’t discover a fourth one to go together with these three (I cowl these items on a regular basis at one other gig), so I figured X would go together with the apparent kiss phrases. It’s the one time I’ve gotten the purple group first so far.

From then on, I had my first good sport shortly. I obtained the yellow group, then blue then inexperienced. It felt fairly good to not make a mistake.

That’s all there’s to it for at this time’s Connections clues and solutions. Remember to test my weblog for hints and the answer for Thursday’s sport should you want them.

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