Most spiders pose little or no hazard to people, together with the infamous noble false widow (Steatoda nobilis).


However the half-inch predator does punch surprisingly far above its weight. In accordance with a latest examine, for instance, the noble false widow spider could habitually prey upon vertebrates, with identified victims together with lizards, bats, and now shrews.

Actually, the examine’s authors recorded the latter at a ugly scene exterior a bed room window in southern England, the place a feminine noble false widow spider subdued and consumed a pygmy shrew (Sorex minutus).

Regardless of its identify, the pygmy shrew is a huge in contrast with the spider, sometimes measuring about 5 centimeters (2 inches) in size plus a 4-centimeter-long tail.


It is greater than triple the size of the 1.4-centimeter noble false widow spider, not counting its tail, and weighs roughly 10 instances as a lot.

Whereas vertebrates are sometimes on the menu for greater spiders – together with members of the tarantula household – they current a distinct problem for small spiders such because the noble false widow, which may’t wrangle reptiles or mammals as a tarantula would possibly.

So, like true widow spiders (together with the notorious black widow and redback spiders), the associated noble false widow tackles outsized prey with a mixture of potent venom and robust silk.

That is what occurred at a house within the metropolis of Chichester, in southern England, the place College of Galway zoologist Daybreak Sturgess recorded the unbelievable video under:

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The video exhibits a noble false widow’s net, situated exterior a bed room window of the home in Chichester, with a small mammal ensnared within the silk. Later evaluation of the mammal’s stays helped researchers establish it as a pygmy shrew.

The shrew was nonetheless alive within the net, the researchers report, though it was solely seen making a number of slight actions close to the start of its ordeal. That is most likely as a result of spider’s highly effective neurotoxic venom, which is thought to trigger speedy neuromuscular paralysis.

The spider was seen transferring backwards and forwards between the shrew and the rafters above the window, utilizing silk to hoist the shrew upward about 25 centimeters, the researchers report.

After 20 minutes, the spider had lifted its prey into the rafters, partially out of view. It wrapped the shrew in silk, consumed it for 3 days, after which dropped what was not noted of its net.

In accordance with the researchers, “the stays of the shrew had been nothing however fur, bones, and pores and skin”.

It is unclear how the spider first caught the shrew, however there is a good likelihood it was no accident.

That is the third report in 5 years of a noble false widow catching a vertebrate, and their strategies level to variations for “ordinary vertebrate predation,” the researchers defined of their examine.

“This remark demonstrates additional that the noble false widow is completely tailored to take down giant prey, combining potent venom, extraordinarily sturdy silk, and complicated searching conduct,” mentioned lead creator Michel Dugon, a zoologist on the College of Galway.

The shrew possible climbed a wisteria bush close to the bed room window, the researchers write, the place the spider trapped it with silk, paralyzed it with venom, after which hoisted it to the rafters.

That is the primary time any member of the spider household Theridiidae has been recorded preying on a shrew in Eire or in Britain, the examine’s authors observe.

It is also the primary time any species of false widow spider has been reported preying on a shrew anyplace on Earth.

The noble false widow is native to Madeira and the Canary Islands however has turn out to be an invasive species in a number of different elements of the world over the previous century, maybe most famously within the UK, the place deceptive tabloid protection has falsely forged the spider as a lethal menace.

Whereas the noble false widow can ship a painful chunk and should inject pathogenic micro organism together with its neurotoxic venom, it’s neither aggressive nor lethal to people and poses a decrease danger to public well being than some information articles counsel.

That mentioned, it is an invasive species that would doubtlessly trigger issues for individuals and wildlife, so it is good to shed extra gentle on this superb arachnid.

“The noble false widow is a really intriguing spider, and now we have a lot to find out about it nonetheless,” mentioned senior creator John Dunbar, a zoologist on the College of Galway.

“We’re very grateful to the members of the general public who share their observations with us. This permits us to grasp higher how this invasive species could affect us and our surroundings.”

The examine was revealed in Ecosphere.

An earlier model of this text was revealed in March 2023.

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