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Immortals of Aveum


MSRP $70.00

“Immortals of Aveum is a colourful magic FPS that is typically too snarky for its personal good.”


  • Exhilarating magical fight
  • Intriguing lore
  • Robust performances
  • A hefty journey


  • Overly quippy dialogue
  • Difficult map
  • Boring puzzles


Immortals of Aveum is rather more than Name of Obligation with magic. I got here to this realization as I used to be working for my life by some deep catacombs.

Whereas searching for a lacking Immortal (a strong magical being) that might assist protagonist Jak within the battle towards the Rasharn empire and its evil chief Sandrakk, I needed to go to the darkish and creepy Underdwell. As soon as I acquired there, I began to come across Aelori, beings that magic can’t kill. After being on a bombastic energy journey with a wide range of colourful spells for a number of hours at this level, I needed to play a lot smarter as I surprised enemies on the proper time so as to escape.

This exhilarating enemy design and fight state of affairs isn’t one thing I’d discover in a contemporary Name of Obligation, and it made me admire how distinct of a venture Immortals of Aveum really is. The debut sport from Ascendant Studios, Immortals of Aveum is a first-person shooter that swaps out weapons for magic. The truth that former Sledgehammer Video games dev Bret Robbins based Ascendant has precipitated loads of Name of Obligation comparisons.

I went into Immortals of Aveum anticipating a linear expertise akin to Name of Obligation however discovered a sport with unexpectedly huge ranges, a world wealthy with intriguing lore, and vibrant fight that saved me on my toes. It’s a strong selection for these searching for an creative shooter that stands out from the gang in that style, though boring puzzles and cloying dialogue drain some magic out of the expertise.

Snarky fantasy

In Immortals of Aveum, gamers observe Jak, an initially magicless child who’s thrust into the middle of an infinite battle over the management of magic after he seems to be a triarch — a spellcaster that may use three completely different sorts of magic. He’s initiated into the Immortals, an elite group of battlemages from the Lucium kingdom combating towards the Rasharn empire and its merciless chief Sandrakk as a magical wound that might destroy the world continuously expands. As the sport goes on, although, that preliminary battle finally ends up not being as black-and-white because it initially appears.

Jack in Immortals of Aveum.

Gamers encounter many extra characters, factions, and magical MacGuffins by the journey, however I’ll prevent from the jargon-filled specifics on these. I usually have a low tolerance for video games that lay on lore and world-specific jargon too thickly early on, however I discovered Immortals of Aveum’s pacing brisk sufficient the place that by no means turned an actual problem. If somebody walks in with no context on the sport’s world, they virtually actually received’t perceive what’s occurring. Fortunately, the story eases gamers into this world in a compelling means and aligns it with Jak’s journey. I discovered in regards to the world alongside the hero.

Politically, Immortals of Aveum can be extra prosperous than its Name of Obligation dev origins would counsel, tackling themes like infinite battle, local weather change, and the truth that there aren’t any actual “good guys” in battle with out falling into typical army plot pitfalls. All the components had been there for me to get pleasure from Immortals of Aveum’s story, however one factor holds it again: quippy dialogue that continuously defies characterization and tone.

At instances, it seems like everybody in Immortals of Aveum is written precisely the identical.

Immortals of Aveum is yet one more piece of media that pulls from the Joss Whedon playbook (Firefly’s Gina Torres is even within the sport) and makes each character a snarky jerk who can’t cease spitting out one-liners. Sometimes, I’m okay with this writing type if it is smart for the characters, because it did for Frey in Forspoken. It even is smart for Jak, as he’s a streetwise, quick-witted child who by no means actually grew up and was pressured right into a battle.

What makes lots much less sense is when all the military generals — good and unhealthy, skilled or not — are precisely the identical. At instances, it seems like everybody in Immortals of Aveum is written precisely the identical, which makes me care much less about particular characters and their relationships with one another. Fortunately, sturdy performances by the likes of Darren Barnet, Gina Torres, Steven Model, and extra convey life to the solid; I simply want their characters had extra distinct materials to work and didn’t at all times have to chop the stress with some snide remark.

Who wants weapons?

When Jak’s not quipping in Immortals of Aveum, he’s exploring or combating. The FPS pedigree of Ascendant Studio is on full show right here as they’ve crafted a flashy shooter with strong fight designs that discover intelligent methods to substitute weapons and different tech with magic. As a triarch, Jak has numerous crimson, blue, and inexperienced magic at his disposal, and all of those turn out to be useful in particular conditions and undertake the usefulness of sure weapons.

A player blasts an enemy with magic spells in Immortals of Aveum.

Typically, crimson magic is like utilizing a shotgun, as you’ll deal heavy injury at shut vary. Blue magic is extra like customary rifle fireplace used to interrupt shields or land a exact hit on an enemy. Inexperienced magic, my private favourite, normally features like a machine gun because it rapidly fires plenty of bullets that hone on enemies. On prime of all that, Jak additionally has extra highly effective Fury spells, a defend that may block some injury, blink to rapidly dodge and assault, and grapple each enemies and sure factors within the surroundings. Whereas I’ve my most popular instruments — I really like sucking enemies right into a vortex after which blasting them with as a lot crimson or inexperienced magic as I might — I can by no means depend on only one weapon or technique to get by each encounter.

Sure enemies can solely be broken or are weaker to particular colours of magic or different spells at Jak’s disposal. Each encounter is a bit completely different, and I continuously needed to assume on my toes as I ran and dashed round ranges whereas figuring out which form of magic could be finest to get me out of the state of affairs I used to be in. It’s not fairly at Doom Everlasting’s stage of each fight encounter feeling like a puzzle that must be solved, however it nonetheless supplies an exhilarating energy journey that rewards considerate play.

Nice visible and fight design ensures each encounter is diversified sufficient to maintain its hefty 15- to 20-hour run time.

It additionally helps that each spell is a visible marvel. The spellcasting animations are detailed and memorable — Jak pumping his fist to reload crimson magic is a specific favourite of mine — and particle efforts galore assist give every blast a vibrant affect. Immortals of Aveum additionally runs nicely for probably the most half on PS5, with the body fee solely actually dipping in a single mid-game boss battle the place it goes full bullet hell for a bit (the PC model is in a considerably worse state, although, in accordance with our computing crew). Nice visible and fight design ensures each encounter is diversified sufficient to maintain its hefty 15- to 20-hour run time.

Larger than you assume

I used to be shocked to find that the sport’s construction is most just like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. It’s technically linear and at all times tells the participant the place to go subsequent, however each place gamers discover is a bit open-ended and could be revisited in a while. These mild Metroidvania touches make it pleasurable to return to locations I’ve already explored and to search for buff-granting Shroudshrines or new skills. There are a few caveats, although.

Jak winds up his magic fist in Immortals of Aveum.

The map, sadly, doesn’t make exploration very simple because it struggles to painting every stage’s vertically, path-blocking obstacles, and the instruments wanted to unlock these roadblocks. Immortals of Aveum’s puzzle design isn’t sturdy both; probably the most intelligent one I skilled had me gorgeous an Aelori on a stress plate. Most of them simply ask me to shoot three frustratingly hidden marks or full laser puzzles that don’t fulfill that magician fantasy practically in addition to fight.

The uncommon puzzles the place I might manipulate a statue with inexperienced magic are unbelievable; I want there have been extra moments like that. And finally, I wished Immortals of Aveum to have uninterrupted highs. There’s lots to get pleasure from with its intricately crafted world, colourful fight, and exploration, however solely a few moments towards the sport’s climax matched the visible spectacle of that bullet hell boss battle or the depth of the Aelori chases within the Underdwell, and the snarkiness of that dialogue in these sections was hit-or-miss.

Nonetheless, as a primary outing for a brand new studio whose work has been in comparison with Name of Obligation video games that it’s not really that just like, Immortals of Aveum is a surprisingly artistic expertise. These searching for an FPS that’s a bit off-kilter from the norm will admire the design dangers it takes, and its science fantasy world is one I wouldn’t thoughts returning to and studying extra about. And also you received’t catch me undercutting that honest suggestion with a snide joke.

Immortals of Aveum was reviewed on PS5.

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